Web Trash! - If inserted a web-site, specified also the reasons.

Web Trash! - If inserted a web-site, specified also the reasons.

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Sfruttatatori delle debolezze altrui e per averci canccellato l'ennesimo gruppo e l'account!
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Italy Rating : 0.5
Non ti permettono di comunicare nemmeno coi segnali di fulo!
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Italy LauraX
Sito non affidabile, uso improprio del materiale degli inserzionisti, foto ed indirizzi e_mail - 500 voti gratuiti, foto false e nomi, specialmente di coppie e donne, falsi.
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Italy BearTrapping
Non ti fanno leggere nemmeno i messaggi, se non paghi e ti rompono i coglioni incontinuazione! 300 punti extra!
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United_States caffmoscommunity
Sito per vecchi gay, il webmaster controlla perfino i peli che hai sul c...
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Italy RevolutiontTrav
Per averci Bannati, dopo esserci cancellati.
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Italy Happy sexo
Non plus ultra della stronzaggine, siti collegati RevolutionTrav - Per averci Bannati dopo che ci siamo cancellati.
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United_States bicupid
Promesse vane. Sebbene aver portato 10 nuovi iscritti non hanno mantenuto la parola di dare 3 mesi gratis. 200 punti di abbuono per averci cancellati!
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No Pay Sites
We boycott the pay websites!
Sure it will be understood you to find to you in a l website, all appeals to to you, especially the tempting one I invite to enroll, promising to you to sea and mounts to you.
You yield to the temptation and patiently begun to introduce your data. It arrives you to the end, confirmed and finally allow you to enter... and here the beautiful one begins!
Before what that always blinks to you in Association of Bologna is the possibility to become member payer. End nothing to say here, avoids and goes ahead. It begins to make some search and it begins to understand that practically you cannot make nothing and six solo a number in more to disposition than those that they pay.
You make yourself nervous and you begin to remove the photos, then you go to modify the profile, casomai you insert your openione and to the end you decide to cancel itself. Like it is made, the link for the cancellation is always unavailable. You write to the managers, case never in altered tone and they threaten you to cancel to you, what whom they never do not make.

Sincerely I am broken the balls! And you?

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